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Training a new puppy can be a challenge. A Turn Key puppy from Native Doodles comes home with basic obedience training, potty trained, crate trained and well socialized! Your puppy will live with our trainer for 6 additional weeks starting at 8 weeks of age. Your puppy will be intentionally worked with daily. All vaccinations will be completed when your puppy comes home. You will receive updates along the way and assistance from our trainer. 


Meet our Trainer

Kyla Campbell’s first dog was an Australian Shepard who earned the name Easy, after being told “be easy” around the her sister as an infant. Growing up in rural Oklahoma, Kyla Campbell lived a life around animals. Raising prize cattle and award winning sheep, she developed a love for connecting with animals through trust, touch and reward. She grew up with Aussies and Border Collies and was passed down a passion for training dogs from her father, who believed proper training meant a dog was able to join in as a valued member of the family with an understood role and was well-mannered, obedient and adjusted to a number of scenarios. 

As an adult, she and her daughter adopted an Australian Shepard, Stella and opened their home to Leo, a Native Doodles mini Sheepadoodle. As a parent, Kyla is raising an animal-loving daughter, Finley, who is an aspiring future vet. Training begins with building trust and connection.  Both mother and daughter are consistent with simple commands, firm “pack leader” stance and strong reassurance for good behavior. 

Refocusing negative actions to positive actions is simple, direct and intentional under Kyla and Finley’s care. A puppy’s best personality is developed when a puppy knows what is allowed and are encouraged to thrive versus develop negative habits. Chewing, nipping, jumping and mouthy tendencies are natural for puppies and with Kyla’s discernment and attention, our puppy’s in the Turnkey Program start practicing good manners and healthy play while being potty-trained and socialized. Crate training for comfort and trust building is also part of important puppy placement. 

A jumpstart on routines and basic walking skills, staying and simple commands means your puppy is sure to fit into your family as beloved member. With a fundamental knowledge of your puppy’s training and continued consistency, you can experience a loving bond like none other.
Welcome to the Native Doodles Family!
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