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Upcoming Litters 

Summer 2024 
Micro Mini Aussiedoodles

 Irish Wolfadoodles
Irish Wolfadoodles
Mini Aussiedoodles

Fall 2024 

More coming!
Pending Pregnancy Confirmations 
Please email about availability prior to placing a deposit. 
Current clients, please contact us if you do not see your upcoming litter listed.Depending on when the appropriate mom comes into heat, you may be contacted before or after your quoted season. Remember that nature runs our farm. 

                              All our puppies will be low to non-shedding. 


Recent studies have shown that a dog’s personality is developed by the age of 12 weeks. Who has your puppy for most of that first 12 weeks?  Your breeder does, which is why it is so important to choose a breeder wisely. We take the time we have with your puppy as an opportunity to love, nurture and introduce him/her to the world in the healthiest way possible. Our puppies are always kept in a clean and safe environment and loved-on constantly, not only because we love it but because it is essential for their development. We expose them to different people, sounds and animals. Our goal is by the time we say goodbye and send your puppy home with you, he or she will be well adjusted and be ready to be part of your family.


Our hope is that every doodle puppy we bring into this world will have a positive impact, whether they are an adored family pet or serve as a service/therapy dog.


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