Irish Wolfhounds are sweet-tempered, patient, kind, thoughtful and intelligent. Their excellent nature can be trusted with children. Willing and eager to please, they are unconditionally loyal to their owner and family. The Irish Wolfhound is prone to a few health problems later in life and does have a shorter life expectancy than most other breeds, which is why breeding the Irish Wolfhound and the Standard Poodle creates a healthier dog with a longer life.


The Standard Poodle is proud, graceful, noble, good-natured, enjoyable and cheerful. They are highly intelligent dogs and one of the most trainable breeds. They are excellent with children and make exceptional family pets. The Standard Poodle is generally a lower energy breed. While some standard poodles can be high strung, we were very careful when choosing our stud, who is calm, obedient and wise beyond his years. He comes from a long line of well tempered and stable standard poodles. 

Irish Wolfadoodle.jpg

The Irish Wolfadoodle or also known as the Woodle truly is the best of both the Irish Wolfhound and the Standard Poodle. With the calm and gentle spirit of the Irish Wolfhound and high intelligence and trainability of the Standard Poodle makes this incredible hybrid the perfect pet. The Irish Wolfadoodle is non shedding and while it is a large breed weighing between 75-110 pounds, they will be a lower energy dog.