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Shipping & Delivery Options 

We are conveniently located in Oklahoma City, just 3 hours from Dallas,Texas, Wichita,Kansas, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Joplin and Missouri. And an easy plane ride from California, Colorado, Tennessee, New York, Seattle, Maine and Rhode Island. We always encourage people if possible to come and pick up their puppy from our farm.This way they can meet the parents, see the environment their puppy has been raised in and participate in PUPPY PICK UP DAY! We do realize not everyone can make this happen, which is why we offer the following shipping and Delivery options. 


HAND-DELIVERY: If you live 200 miles from the Oklahoma City area we will drive and deliver your puppy to you! The cost will vary depending on your location.


AIRLINE-DELIVERY WITH FLY NANNY: One of our trusted staff flies your puppy carry-on to you and is with the puppy the entire flight. We highly recommend this if you can't fly to pick up your puppy.



Round Trip Ticket (We only fly Delta)
Fly Nanny Fee - $500
(Fly Nanny fee could go up depending on distance)
Airline Carry On Fee $90
Fly Certificate from our vet $75.

Puppy Fly Bag - $75 

You are welcome to fly in and take your puppy home as a carry-on. We are located 15 minutes from the Will Rogers international airport in Oklahoma City!


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