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We are available 9:45 -3:15pm CST MONDAY - FRIDAY by email. Email is the quickest way to get in touch with us. Raising puppies and caring for our dogs is a 24hour job, we actually live with all our dogs. We have mamas come into labor all hours of the night, puppies we are caring for around the clock, vet visits and amazing clients to assist. All of this is on a normal week, if it is Puppy Pick Up week we are preparing to make your and other families Pick Up Day special! Please be respectful of our business hours.



How it works: If you would like to be placed on our waiting list we encourage you to contact us as soon as you decide you would like to purchase a puppy and fill out our application. A $350 (non-refundable) holds your spot for a puppy. If we don't have the perfect puppy for you then your deposit will transfer to our next available litter. It is never too early to get on our waiting list!

Our lists fill up quickly and we would hate for you to miss your chance!


We are always accepting deposits for our future puppies! Deposits are $350 and will go towards the final purchase price of your puppy. All deposits (including 1st and 2nd pick fees) are non-refundable but are transferable to future litters. While we cannot guarantee we will have the specific gender, color, or coat type of your choice from your desired litter, we CAN guarantee that you will get a healthy and happy new family member when you bring your puppy home! We try our very best to make an educated guess about what puppies we will be expecting, but Mother Nature ultimately decides! You are more than welcome to skip a litter and wait for the perfect puppy. We only accept PayPal deposits. We place everyone on our list in order of deposits received, In the event a pregnancy does not take, a litter is not produced like we had hoped for, there aren't enough puppies out of your chosen litter, or one doesn't meet your criteria, then your deposit will transfer to our next available litter. By placing your deposit with us you are in agreement and accepting to these terms. 


When you place your deposit and are placed on our waiting list we contact you 1-3 weeks after your litter is born. We keep you updated with pictures and emails preparing you for your new puppy! When the litter is 6 weeks old you choose your puppy in order of deposit received via FaceTime.Puppies go home at 8 weeks old. We do NOT announce pregnancies.  


For families on our waiting lists, final payment is due on the day you pick up your puppy. If for any reason we haven't received the final payment this day, your chosen puppy and spot in line will be lost. Your puppy will be considered yours once your Deposit and Final Payment are received. If you need delivery, all shipping fees will be due along with the remaining balance plus tax one week before picking up your puppy. If you are paying by cashiers check, this must be received and cleared within one week of pick up day. We will not accept a check in person the day you pick up your puppy. 


The following payment methods are accepted:

PayPal - Deposits Only 

Cash: Cash is only accepted in person. 


Deposits and 1st and 2nd pick fees are nonrefundable; please only place a deposit if you are certain you will be ready for a new puppy in the next 18 months! After the puppy has left our care, the new family has 7 days to take the puppy in to see a vet for a physical examination. If the puppy were to be found in ill health with any life threatening disease, the cause of which we as breeders were to blame, a letter from two certified veterinarians explaining the problem must accompany the puppy and only then can the puppy be returned and a replacement puppy will be given when available. Shipping fees, if any, would not be refunded.


You are always welcome to pass on a litter or puppy. Keep in mind our wait lists are a year to year and half out. If you choose to transfer your deposit we are only able to offer you the first available spot on our wait list, which could mean an lengthy delay. If you pass on a puppy and it goes to the next calendar year prices will reflect when you bring your puppy home. If you agree to join a litter and then decide to wait you will be charged a $100 fee. 


We stand behind each puppy we sell, and each one will come with a 1-Year Health Guarantee. We guarantee your puppy to be free from any life threatening congenital defect or we will replace your puppy free of charge. Must present a letter from a certified veterinarian to verify genetic or congentical defect. 



 We do not allow Farm visits but highly encourage you to come in person on your scheduled Puppy Pick Up Day! Due to exposure of parvo and other life threatening viruses we have to limit exposure on our property. It is important for the health of our puppies that they are not exposed to lots of people until they have received their first set of shots and are ready to go home.You will choose your puppy via FaceTime or pictures in order of deposits received at 6 weeks. Before coming for a visit, please avoid going to any high traffic areas where other animals frequent. Our intention is to avoid the spread of diseases like the common, but lethal Canine Parvovirus. 


Occasionally, circumstances change or a puppy does not work out in his or her new home for various reasons. In these or other similar situations we are more than happy to take the puppy or adult dog back until a new home can be found. We do not offer refunds but exchanges can only be made within our 1- year guarantee window if your puppy was found to have a genetic defect. 

We dock our Standard Sheepadoodle's, Mini Sheepadoodle's and Mini Aussiedoodle's tails because it is the breed standard and most of our puppies go to therapy and services homes. However we do offer natural tail litters once or twice a year. If you would like a natural tail then you are welcome to join a natural tail litter. 
We do not dock our Irish Wolfadoodle or Bernedoodle tails. 


1st pick of the litter is an additional $500 and 2nd is an additional $300. These are additional fees on top of your puppy price.We as breeders always reserve the right to have breeder's choice of any of our litters. 1st and 2nd pick fees are non-refundable.



If you can not bring your puppy home on the designated "Puppy Pick Up Day" then we will happily care for your puppy. There is a $250 a week charge for boarding. This fee includes food, continued socialization and care. All puppies must be paid in FULL by PUPPY PICK UP DAY


We take full responsibility for every life we bring into this world. If for some reason or another you can't keep your your puppy we ask you return them to us or ask us to assist you in finding a safe and suitable home. You will not be judged, we just want to help insure the puppy is taken care of and well loved. 



We reserve the right to refuse a puppy to anyone at anytime who makes us feel uncomfortable or bullied. We will not tolerate unkindness of any kind or people we feel who have unrealistic exceptions of us or our puppies. Please be aware that nature runs our farm and when puppies are born is not up to us. We are not mass producing puppies and you don't want us to. Life is too short to deal with unkind people. 

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